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GLO Hotels - Hotels in Helsinki, Espoo, Airport

Wake up relaxed at Helsinki Airport! GLO Hotel Airport is a modern lifestyle hotel inside Helsinki Airport main building - only a few steps from the gates.
GLO Art Christmas package

Spend a magical Christmas time at GLO Hotel Art surrounded by our historical 100-year-old Art Nouveau castle and enjoying Helsinki’s Christmas cheer in the heart of the colorful Helsinki Design District.

Hotels in Helsinki, Espoo and Airport

GLO Hotels offers the best hotel experiences in Helsinki and capital area. GLO offers memorable hoteljourneys to Helsinki and capital area with strenght of four lifestyle hotels, even for more demanding traveller. GLO is your choice, when you demand functional room entirety, high class customer service and the best locations of our city - Whether business or vacation to Helsinki. Familiarize yourself with GLO Hotel Helsinki Kluuvi and Hotel Helsinki Art, in Sello located GLO Hotel Sello Espoo and Airport hotel GLO Hotel Airport.

20 Dec

Hotel GLO @Hotel_GLO When I travel on business, I like things to be easy & smooth, ya know? Which is why, when at Helsinki...

28 Nov

Hotel GLO @MooseReport Now THAT'S an airport hotel: smart styling, 1 minute from check-in, and this little fella to greet you @Hotel_GLO HEL