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The GLO Hotels chain is part of Kämp Group Ltd, a Finnish hotel and restaurant group, which has roughly 350 employees with nine hotels and restaurants operating in hotel premisses.
The Group's internationally most famous hotel is in 1887 grounded legendary Hotel Kämp.
Welcome to the world of Kämp Group!

Kämp Group - The most recommended Nordic hotel chain

The hotel survey 2011 made by ReseGeometri, a research and consulting company specialized in tourism business, showed that the local hotel chains give the best hotel experience to their customers. The most recommended chain of all the chains in this survey was the Finnish Kämp Group.

Kämp Group has nine hotels; GLO Hotel Kluuvi, GLO Hotel Art, GLO Hotel Sello, GLO Hotel Airport, Klaus K, Hotel Haven, Hotel Fabian, Lilla Roberts and Hotel Kämp.

According to the survey the top five hotel chains in Nordic countries can be found in Finland, Denmark and Sweden.

ReseGeometri Nordic AB interviewed during this survey about 10 000 Nordic business travelers and decision-makers from companies which had more than 50 employees.
Hotels of the study were compared to each other’s according to how many customers would have recommend the hotel chain to his/her friend and how many wouldn't. The differences between the various hotel chains were compared.

The 5 most popular Nordic hotel chains were:

1. Kämp Group
2. Sokos Hotels
3. Arp-Hansen Hotels
4. Elite Hotels
5. Finland Holiday Club

Source: ReseGeometri's The Nordic Business Travel Barometer

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